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Mortal Fear Mortal Fear

by Greg Iles

FEC Pick January 1997

Price: $75.00
Deal On Ice Deal On Ice

by Les Standiford

FEC Pick February 1997

Price: $30.00
The Partner The Partner

by John Grisham

FEC Pick March 1997

Price: $125.00
Virgin Heat Virgin Heat

by Laurence Shames

FEC Pick March 1997

Price: $35.00
Endangered Species Endangered Species

by Nevada Barr

FEC Pick April 1997

Price: $45.00
Women With Men Women With Men

by Richard Ford

FEC Pick May 1997

Price: $50.00
Cold Mountain Cold Mountain

by Charles Frazier

FEC Pick June 1997

Price: $350.00
Good Brother The Good Brother

by Chris Offutt

FEC Pick July 1997

Price: $35.00
Cimarron Rose Cimarron Rose

by James Lee Burke

FEC Pick August 1997

Price: $40.00
The Magician's Assistant The Magician's Assistant

by Ann Patchett

FEC Pick September 1997

Price: $35.00
Bob The Gambler Bob The Gambler

by Frederick Barthelme

FEC Pick October 1997

Price: $23.00
All Over But The Shoutin' All Over But The Shoutin'

by Rick Bragg

FEC Pick November 1997

Price: $125.00
Last Great Snake Show Last Great Snake Show

by Tim McLaurin

FEC Pick December 1997

Price: $35.00