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In 1975, John Evans opened Lemuria in a converted apartment stuffed full of books in The Quarter in Jackson, Mississippi. Two years later, Lemuria moved to Highland Village, tripling our size. But it was the move to Banner Hall in 1988 that allowed us to expand our inventory and really get down to the business of books.

With new hardbacks, paperbacks, and a children's section we call OZ, Lemuria has something for everyone. We specialize in signed first editions, and our First Editions Club has been going strong for over 25 years. We carry a wide range of genres, from gardening to Zen and history to music, but we pride ourselves on our rich selection of literary fiction, especially Southern writers.

Over 40 years in the book business has gifted John and Lemuria with valuable author relationships, like our friend and Jackson native Eudora Welty. We have had the pleasure of celebrating authors throughout their careers, such as Willie Morris, Barry Hannah, Ellen Gilchrist, Jim Harrison, Richard Ford, Larry Brown, John Grisham, Greg Iles, Jesmyn Ward, Angie Thomas, and many others. With signing events almost every week, there's always an opportunity to meet a beloved author or discover a new favorite.

We at Lemuria believe in the value of the physical book. Whether you're a collector in search of a literary gem or you are looking for the latest bestseller, you deserve a good book and our knowledgeable staff would love to help. In a digital age, Lemuria is that real bookstore you’ve been missing. With floor-to-ceiling shelves, that quintessential book smell, and a little bit of Southern hospitality, you’ll feel right at home.

So we invite you to grab a cup of coffee from Broadstreet Bakery, take a seat on one of our couches, and get lost in a real book.

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According to myth, the lost continent of Lemuria was once home to an advanced human civilization. The Lemurians possessed vast knowledge and great power, as well as the uncanny ability to communicate with one another through mental telepathy. But they were brazen and challenged the gods, who were displeased with their pride. As punishment, the gods took away the gift of telepathy and left them to devise new methods of communication. It was at this time that the Lemurians developed the world's first system of writing and began recording their thoughts in books.