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OZ First Editions Club for Young Readers is a great way to start a library for your child or grandchild or a treat for book collector's who are young at heart.

Each month a picture book and a middle grade book are selected. The books are always signed first editions. Sometimes the authors come to the store for an event, and sometimes the author signs the books on his or her own time and then the books are sent to Lemuria.

The cost is just the price of the book. Each month's book can be picked up in the store, or we can ship to you monthly.

You can specify if you would like to receive only picture books or only middle grade. You can also choose to receive both picture book and middle grade selections every month.

Click here to learn more and sign up!

Buffalo Fluffalo by Bess Kalb and ​Erin Kraan Buffalo Fluffalo

written by Bess Kalb and illustrated by Erin Kraan

January 2024 | Picture Book

Price: $18.99
The Misfits by Lisa Yee The Misfits - A Royal Conundrum

by Lisa Yee

January 2024 | Middle Grade

Price: $14.99
Cranky by Phuc Tran illustrated by Pete Oswald Cranky

written by Phuc Tran and illustrated by Pete Oswald

February 2024 | Picture Book

Price: $19.99
Rocket Ship, Solo Trip by Chiara Colombi  illustrated by Scott Magoon Rocket Ship, Solo Trip

written by Chiara Colombi and illustrated by Scott Magoon

March 2024 | Picture Book

Price: $18.99
Coyote Lost and Found Coyote Lost and Found

by Dan Gemeinhart

March 2024 | Middle Grade

Price: $17.99
Bunny Should Be Sleeping by Amy Hest illustrated by Renata Liwska Bunny Should Be Sleeping

written by Amy Hest illustrated by Renata Liwska

April 2024 | Picture Book

Price: $18.99
Bridge to Bat City Bridge to Bat City

by Ernest Cline

April 2024 | Middle Grade

Price: $17.99
Two Wheels by David Gibb illustrated by Brizida Magro Two Wheels

written by David Gibb illustrated by Brizida Magro

May 2024 | Picture Book

Price: $17.99
Tree. Table. Book. Tree. Table. Book.

by Lois Lowry

May 2024 | Middle Grade

Price: $18.99
What Love Looks Like by  Laura Obuobi What Love Looks Like

written by Laura Obuobi illustrated by Anna Cunha

June 2024 | Picture Book

Price: $19.99
Blackberry Fox Blackberry Fox

by Kathrin Tordasi, translated by Cathrin Wirtz

June 2024 | Middle Grade

Price: $17.99
Prunella by Beth Ferry and Claire Keane Prunella

written by Beth Ferry illustrated by Claire Keane

July 2024 | Picture Book

Price: $18.99
The Dark Skies Mystery The Dark Skies Mystery

by Deron R. Hicks

July 2024 | Middle Grade

Price: $19.99