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My Losing Season My Losing Season

by Pat Conroy

FEC Pick January 2003

Price: $50.00
The King of Torts The King of Torts

by John Grisham

FEC Pick February 2003

Price: $50.00
Under the Skin Under the Skin

by James Carlos Blake

FEC Pick March 2003

Price: $25.95
Bay of Souls by Robert Stone Bay of Souls

by Robert Stone

FEC Pick April 2003

Price: $35.00
A Thin Difference A Thin Difference

by Frank Turner Hollon

FEC Pick May 2003

Price: $22.00
Hell at the Breech Hell at the Breech

by Tom Franklin

FEC Pick June 2003

Price: $40.00
The Clearing Tim Gautreaux The Clearing

by Tim Gautreaux

FEC Pick July 2003

Price: $75.00
The Canal House The Canal House

by Mark Lee

FEC Pick August 2003

Price: $23.95
The Known World The Known World

by Edward P. Jones

FEC Pick September 2003

Price: $150.00
In a Temple of Trees: A Novel In a Temple of Trees: A Novel

by Suzanne Hudson

FEC Pick October 2003

Price: $50.00
Dead I Well May Be Dead I Well May Be

by Adrian McKinty

FEC Pick November 2003

Price: $35.00
Lunch at the Piccadilly Lunch at the Piccadilly

by Clyde Edgerton

FEC Pick December 2003

Price: $35.00