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Truth about Celia
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Truth about Celia
New York: Vintage (2004).
Paperback. Not Signed. $13.00

While playing alone in her backyard one afternoon, seven-year-old Celia suddenly disappears while her father Christopher is inside giving a tour of their historic house and her mother Janet is at an orchestra rehearsal.

Utterly shattered, Christopher, a writer of fantasy and science fiction, withdraws from everyone around him, especially his wife, losing himself in his writing by conjuring up worlds where Celia still exists--as a child, as a teenager, as a young single mother--and revealing in his stories not only his own point of view but also those of Janet, the policeman in charge of the case, and the townspeople affected by the tragedy, ultimately culminating in a portrait of a small town changed forever.

The Truth About Celia is a profound meditation on grief and loss and how we carry on in its aftermath.

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