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Full Bellies Hungry Souls
Full Bellies Hungry Souls
by Bennett Chotard

Paperback. Signed.
Xulon Press (2016)
Price: $10.99

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"Is this all there is?" That question haunted Bennett Chotard as his life seemed to gradually come undone. "Where was this Christian promise of joy, peace, and abundance?" he wondered. As the years passed, more and more he felt his faith had no relevance, no power, no impact on his life. Full Bellies, Hungry Souls: Making Personal Contact with God records his explosive discoveries of spiritual lessons that led him to intimacy with God. Help yourself to a heaping portion of Bennett's experience of how spiritual doors are closed and opened. They are learned not from a seminary, but his out-in-the-street combat with shedding ego, self-centeredness, power struggles, and rabbit trails of spiritual impotence. If you have ever felt something must be missing in your faith journey, Bennett believes this moment you hold in your hands is a God Thing. "Come and see!" That is what Jesus said to his shy inquisitors, and He still is saying that now, to YOU! "I have no secrets, I have no power," Bennett explains. "However, if you are willing, I will show you a path that will take you closer to the One who does, and you will not have to wonder or doubt again. YOU WILL KNOW!"

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