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by Latoya Lawson

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Booksmango (07/2019)

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After a beautiful African American caregiver is drawn into a seedy world of racism, deception, and murder, all she must do to earn a huge payday is keep quiet… but can she live with the consequences of what is asked of her, even if she gets away with it?

After the violent death of her role model, struggling single Mom Victoria is offered a job as a caregiver for an elderly rich couple. Inside the walls of the Lane’s sumptuous Mississippi home, her dreams hover tantalizingly close: a peaceful life, a full pantry, and a safe neighborhood. But it is merely a façade that she drifts through in a haze, concealing an unfolding drama; the manipulative and racist Mr. Lane has plans for his wife’s wealth that don’t involve her.

As tawdry scandals are whispered behind manicured nails, unsavory truths are kept safely tucked behind beaming smiles. Victoria is suddenly thrown into a world where subterfuge and deceit are all-consuming. Now being paid to spy on her employer by people who are as flawed as she is, Victoria navigates this complex world, teetering on the edge of right and wrong.

Ma’Sitter is a gripping crime thriller that will appeal to a mature audience drawn to psychological thriller series containing unsavory scandal, emotional crime drama, and clandestine conspiracy.

LaToya ‘TOY’ Lawson is a crime thriller, mystery author and caregiver whose creativity, compassion, and perseverance have all earned her the reputation as a service-centered leader. Born in Chicago and employed as a caregiver from the age of nineteen, LaToya ‘TOY’ Lawson has spent most of her life by the bedsides of the sick and infirm. By age twenty-three, she had founded Mississippi Professional Nursing Care, LLC, which would go on to inspire her debut novel, MA’SITTER. Through this career choice offered many rewarding moments, it was her lifelong passion to write that ultimately helped create this original work. As an African American woman living in Mississippi, TOY is familiar with the bigotry and social injustices of life in the deep south. An intensely personal work, the book was born from LaToya’s firsthand experience with racism, faith, friendship and life as a single-mother in a world shaped by privilege. Her main character Victoria Lewis is a strong, single-minded woman, determined to build a better life for her child Mona. As a female writer Lawson’s stories are at times filled with pain, but are ultimately uplifting, buoyed by the triumph and redemption of her characters.

When LaToya isn’t writing, she can be found by her oven, checking her latest baked three-layer Red Velvet cake, or cooking a soul food feast and soaring down the highway on her motorcycle.

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