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by Michael Hewes

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Samntoff Press (2016)

Paperback. Signed.

As new.

In the days after Hurricane Katrina, Mississippi attorney and author Michael Hewes returned to his former home only to find it destroyed. Sitting amongst the wreckage was a binder that contained intimate photos of a couple he didn't know, doing things that clearly weren't meant for sharing.

This discovery got Hewes thinking about what would have happened if he had discovered something that wasn’t just embarrassing, but that had actual legal, criminal - or potentially fatal - implications.

He turned that idea into Watermark, an intelligent, fast-paced legal thriller that will delight fans of Grisham, Turow, and Baldacci.

When Matt Frazier returns to his home in Gulfport, Mississippi in the wake of the largest hurricane to ever come ashore in the United States, he expects a disaster. What he finds is a catastrophe.

But it’s not what the storm took away that gets Matt’s attention—it’s what it left behind. Deep in the debris under what remains of his house, something has washed up that makes Matt the central target in a deadly conspiracy involving some very high-profile players.

Not knowing who to trust, Matt must turn to his eccentric neighbor, his best friend, and ultimately his estranged wife to try and help him stay one step ahead—and alive—long enough to bring some order back into his life.

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