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Out of Range
Out of Range
by Heidi Lang

First Editions Club Pick - July 2022
First Edition. Signed by Heidi Lang
Price: $17.99


July 2022 Middle Grade Book Selection | First Editions Club

New York, NY: Simon and Schuster (pub: June 7, 2022)

First Edition. Signed by Heidi Lang.

As new in dust jacket.

Hatchet meets Raina Telgemeier's Sisters in this adventurous and heartfelt tale of three warring sisters who find themselves lost in the wilderness and must learn to trust each other if they want to survive.

GIRL POWER: Survival stories tend to be led by boy protagonists, but in this novel, we instead see three girls struggling to survive in the wilderness while facing everything from wildfires, raging rivers, extreme cold, cougars, and worst of all, ticks! Abby, Emma, and Ollie all bring unique skills to their adventure, so for them to survive, they first have to figure out a way to work together.

SIBLING LOVE: Above all, this book is a sister story. It delves into the extreme ups and downs between siblings, and the way that you can hate their guts while still loving them more than anyone in the world. Abby, Emma, and Ollie start out the novel in the middle of a major fight, but when it comes down to it they just have each other out in the wilderness, and they'll realize they need to forgive and trust in each other to survive. All three sisters have POV chapters: fourteen-year-old Abby, twelve-year-old Emma, and nine-year-old Ollie. Each sister brings their own personality (and grudges) to the story, and we get to hear all sides of the story behind why the sisters are in a fight at the start of the book.

Heidi Lang is the coauthor of the Whispering Pines series and the Mystic Cooking Chronicles, both with S&S. She's also the author of two standalone contemporary middle grades, Rules of the Ruff and Wrong Way Summer. This new novel is the first time Lang is delving into more of the action-adventure realm while still bringing all the humor and heart she gives to all her projects.

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