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Return to Redemption Ridge
Return to Redemption Ridge
by Lottie Brent Bogan

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Signed. First Edition. Paperback.
Price: $19.00

Dragon Breath Press (pub: December 1, 2019)

Brucie Claymore left Redemption Ridge when she was thirteen, but she carried dark secrets witk her. Now, after many years and life in Boston as the wife of Herschel Von Deiter and mother to Memory and Dale, unexpected hardship and tragedy force the family to return to Redemption Ridge, Mississippi, not for a visit, but permanently.

Both Memory and Dale suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, but for different reason. Dale's affliction is referred to as ''shell-shock,'' a result of World War I and the devastating loss of life under his command. Memory's problem doesn't have a name, but childhood memories of being raped assault her mind as she rages again the change, although she has recently been widowed. But, perhaps, redemption awaits both brother and sister in Mississippi—as well as their mother who also must finally confront her darkest secret, another child as a result of being raped by the man she thought was a father—a child hellbent on revenge and claiming what she sees as her inheritance.

Also, awaiting the Claymore descendants at Redemption Ridge—ghosts who need their souls to be set free. Can Memory and Dale succeed upon their return in helping Vernell and Captain Bruce Claymore, their true grandfather and supped Confederate traitor, ''find their peace''?

LOTTIE BRENT BOGGAN has a knack for finding humor in the worst of circumstances. She's been a long-time contributor to the Northside Sun, a weekly newspaper in Jackson, Mississippi. Lottie has had numerous accolades, winning The Eudora Welty novel competition, placing at the Faulkner Wisdom Competition, and receiving newspaper column awards. In addition to her novels, she has also compiled multiple anthologies of short stories and served as editor to several critically acclaimed authors besides herself. She is a founder of The Red Dog Writers and is a member of Middle Mississippi Chapter of the Mississippi Writers Guild. Lottie's family is somewhat of an icon in Mississippi, with her father having started Brent's Drugs, which was featured in the movie, The Help. Her late husband was a founder of River Oaks Hospital, now Merit. Lottie is a resident of Jackson, Mississippi, and has been an avid skier, golfer, and tennis player throughout her octogenarian life. She is a dog lover and staunch supporter of rescue dogs. Lottie jokes that she hopes to live long enough to complete the Redemption Ridge trilogy with a third installment tentatively entitled Redemption Ridge Redeemed with a story focusing on World War II and pilots, including a Tuskegee Airman, and loosely based on the actual experience of her late brother-in-law.

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