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Sandy and Wayne
Sandy and Wayne
by Steve Yates

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Sorry, this book is no longer available.

Seattle, WA: Dock Street Press (2015) First Edition. Signed. Paperback.

In Sandy and Wayne, Steve Yates reveals his talents in this gorgeous sweep of prose. Arranging his characters intimately against the vast Ozark Mountains, Yates moves flawlessly between the lives of Sandy Coker and Wayne Sheridan to the road crews reshaping the land. From their harbored ambitions to the secret that threatens to pull their lost hearts apart, this beautifully written novella tells a story of worlds colliding, of truths and consequences, as two people fall in love, reluctant to change with the world around them.

“Sandy and Wayne
is tremendous, a taut, tense, magisterial work that has all the concision and sharpness of a great short story, all of the texture and detail of an engrossing novel. The novella is, in my opinion, the hardest fictional form to get right; Steve Yates has proven his mastery of this most gorgeous form.”—Lauren Groff, author of Fates and Furies

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