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Since 1993, we've been picking the best signed first editions for FICTION READERS every month. We're still going strong and serving just over 200 members. We especially look for collectible authors, debut novels, literary memoirs, and books that just blow us away. We will sometimes select a nonfiction book that has a compelling narrative structure. We work hard to select one outstanding signed first edition for this category every month. Occasionally, we select two books when merited.

American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins American Dirt

by Jeanine Cummins

January 2020

Price: $27.99
Apeirogon Colum McCann Apeirogon

by Colum McCann

February 2020

Price: $28.00
Blackwood Blackwood

by Michael Farris Smith

March 2020

Price: $27.00
Simon the Fiddler Simon the Fiddler

by Paulette Jiles

April 2020

Price: $27.99
Camino Winds John Grisham Camino Winds - First Edition Signed

by John Grisham

May 2020

Price: $28.95
Sea Wife Sea Wife

by Amity Gaige

May 2020

Price: $26.95
Red Dress in Black and White Red Dress in Black and White

by Elliot Ackerman

June 2020

Price: $26.95
August by Callan Wink August

by Callan Wink

July 2020

Price: $27.00
Betty Betty

by Tiffany McDaniel

August 2020

Price: $26.95