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OZ First Editions Club for Young Readers is a great way to start a library for your child or grandchild or a treat for book collector's who are young at heart.

Each month a picture book and a middle grade book are selected. The books are always signed first editions. Sometimes the authors come to the store for an event, and sometimes the author signs the books on his or her own time and then the books are sent to Lemuria.

The cost is just the price of the book. Each month's book can be picked up in the store, or we can ship to you monthly.

You can specify if you would like to receive only picture books or only middle grade. You can also choose to receive both picture book and middle grade selections every month.

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Clean Getaway Clean Getaway

by Nic Stone

January | Middle Grade

Price: $16.99
In A Jar by Deborah Marcero In a Jar

by Deborah Marcero

January | Picture Book

Price: $17.99
The Best of Iggy The Best of Iggy

by Annie Barrows

February | Middle Grade

Price: $13.99
Lola Dutch I Love You So Much Lola Dutch I Love You So Much

by Kenneth and Sarah Jane Wright

February | Picture Book

Price: $17.99
Blue Skies Blue Skies

by Anne S. Bustard

March | Middle Grade

Price: $17.99
The Box Turtle The Box Turtle

by Vanessa Roeder

March | Picture Book

Price: $17.99
Echo Mountain Echo Mountain

by Lauren Wolk

April | Middle Grade

Price: $17.99
This Way, Charlie This Way, Charlie

written by Caron Levis and illustrated by Charles Santoso

April | Picture Book

Price: $17.99
The One and Only Bob The One and Only Bob

by Katherine Applegate

May | Middle Grade

Price: $18.99
Teddy Spaghetti Teddy Spaghetti

written by Dorthea Benton Frank and Victoria Benton Frank, illustrated by Renée Andriani

May | Picture Book

Price: $18.99
The Great Pet Heist The Great Pet Heist

written by Emily Ecton, illustrated by Mottram

June | Middle Grade

Price: $17.99
The Little Blue Cottage The Little Blue Cottage

written by Kelly Jordan, illustrated by Jessica Courtney-Tickle

June | Picture Book

Price: $17.99
The Mysterious Messenger The Mysterious Messenger

written and illustrated by Gilbert Ford

July | Middle Grade

Price: $16.99
Finding François Finding François

by Gus Gordon

July | Picture Book

Price: $17.99
The Artifact Hunters The Artifact Hunters

written by Janet Fox

August | Middle Grade

Price: $17.99
Everyone Gets a Say Everyone Gets a Say

by Jill Twiss
illustrated by E.G. Keller

August | Picture Book

Price: $18.99
Whale of the Wild Whale of the Wild

written by Rosanne Parry
illustrated by Lindsay Moore

September | Middle Grade

Price: $17.99
Slow Samson Slow Samson

by Bethany Christou

September | Picture Book

Price: $16.99
Escape Goat Escape Goat

by Ann Patchett
illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser

October | Picture Book

Price: $18.99
Skunk and Badger Skunk and Badger

written by Amy Timberlake
illustrated by Jon Klassen

October | Middle Grade

Price: $18.95
Thesaurus Has a Secret Thesaurus Has a Secret

by Anya Glazer

November | Picture Book

Price: $17.99
Closer to Nowhere Closer to Nowhere

written by Ellen Hopkins

November | Middle Grade

Price: $17.99
Cozy Cozy

by Jan Brett
December | Picture Book

Price: $18.99
The Beast and the Bethany The Beast and the Bethany

written by Jack Meggitt-Phillips, illustrated by Isabelle Follath

December | Middle Grade

Price: $17.99

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