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OZ First Editions Club for Young Readers is a great way to start a library for your child or grandchild or a treat for book collector's who are young at heart.

Each month a picture book and a middle grade book are selected. The books are always signed first editions. Sometimes the authors come to the store for an event, and sometimes the author signs the books on his or her own time and then the books are sent to Lemuria.

The cost is just the price of the book. Each month's book can be picked up in the store, or we can ship to you monthly.

You can specify if you would like to receive only picture books or only middle grade. You can also choose to receive both picture book and middle grade selections every month.

Click here to learn more and sign up!

The Year We Learned to Fly The Year We Learned to Fly

by Jacqueline Woodson

January | Picture Book

Price: $18.99
The Unforgettable Logan Foster The Unforgettable Logan Foster

by Shawn Peters

January | Middle Grade

Price: $16.99
Out of a Jar Out of a Jar

by Deborah Marcero

February | Picture Book

Price: $17.99
Solimar Solimar

by Pam Muñoz Ryan

February | Middle Grade

Price: $17.99
Knight Owl Knight Owl

by Christopher Denise

March | Picture Book

Price: $17.99
Revenge of the Beast Revenge of the Beast

by Jack Meggitt-Phillips

March | Middle Grade

Price: $17.99
Perfectly Pegasus Perfectly Pegasus

by Jessie Sima

April | Picture Book

Price: $17.99
Cress Watercress Cress Watercress

by Gregory Maguire
illustrated by David Litchfield

April | Middle Grade

Price: $19.99
Big Truck Little Island Big Truck Little Island

by Chris Van Dusen

May | Picture Book

Price: $17.99
My Own Lightning My Own Lightning

by Lauren Wolk

May | Middle Grade

Price: $17.99
Everywhere with You Everywhere with You

by Carlie Sorosiak,
illustrated by Devon Holzwarth

June | Picture Book

Price: $18.99
The Impossible Destiny of Cutie Grackle The Impossible Destiny of Cutie Grackle

by Shawn K. Stout

June | Middle Grade

Price: $16.99
The Pet Potato The Pet Potato

by Josh Lacey,
illustrated by Momoko Abe

July | Picture Book

Price: $18.99
Out of Range Out of Range

by Heidi Lang

July | Middle Grade

Price: $17.99
A Little Ferry Tale A Little Ferry Tale

by Chad Otis

August | Picture Book

Price: $18.99
Chester Keene Cracks the Code Chester Keene Cracks the Code

by Kekla Magoon

August | Middle Grade

Price: $16.99
Farmhouse by Sophie Blackall Farmhouse

written and illustrated by Sophie Blackall

September | Picture Book

Price: $60.00
The Stars Did Wander Darkling The Stars Did Wander Darkling

by Colin Meloy

September | Middle Grade

Price: $17.99
Creepy Crayon by Aaron Reynolds and Peter Brown Creepy Crayon!

written by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Peter Brown

October | Picture Book

Price: $18.99
The Vanquishers The Vanquishers

by Kalynn Bayron

October | Middle Grade

Price: $16.99
Books Aren't for Eating by Carlie Sorosiak Books Aren't for Eating

written by Carlie Sorosiak and illustrated by Manu Montoya
November | Picture Book

Price: $17.99
Dark on Light by Dianne White Dark on Light

written by Dianne White and illustrated by Felicita Sala
December | Picture Book

Price: $18.99