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Clean Getaway Clean Getaway

by Nic Stone

January | Middle Grade

Price: $16.99
In A Jar by Deborah Marcero In a Jar

by Deborah Marcero

January | Picture Book

Price: $45.00
The Best of Iggy The Best of Iggy

by Annie Barrows

February | Middle Grade

Price: $13.99
Lola Dutch I Love You So Much Lola Dutch I Love You So Much

by Kenneth and Sarah Jane Wright

February | Picture Book

Price: $45.00
Blue Skies Blue Skies

by Anne S. Bustard

March | Middle Grade

Price: $17.99
The Box Turtle The Box Turtle

by Vanessa Roeder

March | Picture Book

Price: $17.99
Echo Mountain Echo Mountain

by Lauren Wolk

April | Middle Grade

Price: $17.99
This Way, Charlie This Way, Charlie

written by Caron Levis and illustrated by Charles Santoso

April | Picture Book

Price: $45.00
The One and Only Bob The One and Only Bob

by Katherine Applegate

May | Middle Grade

Price: $18.99
Teddy Spaghetti Teddy Spaghetti

written by Dorthea Benton Frank and Victoria Benton Frank, illustrated by Renée Andriani

May | Picture Book

Price: $18.99
The Great Pet Heist The Great Pet Heist

written by Emily Ecton, illustrated by Mottram

June | Middle Grade

Price: $17.99
The Little Blue Cottage The Little Blue Cottage

written by Kelly Jordan, illustrated by Jessica Courtney-Tickle

June | Picture Book

Price: $17.99
The Mysterious Messenger The Mysterious Messenger

written and illustrated by Gilbert Ford

July | Middle Grade

Price: $16.99
Finding François Finding François

by Gus Gordon

July | Picture Book

Price: $17.99
The Artifact Hunters The Artifact Hunters

written by Janet Fox

August | Middle Grade

Price: $17.99
Everyone Gets a Say Everyone Gets a Say

by Jill Twiss
illustrated by E.G. Keller

August | Picture Book

Price: $18.99
Whale of the Wild Whale of the Wild

written by Rosanne Parry
illustrated by Lindsay Moore

September | Middle Grade

Price: $17.99
Slow Samson Slow Samson

by Bethany Christou

September | Picture Book

Price: $16.99
Escape Goat Escape Goat

by Ann Patchett
illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser

October | Picture Book

Price: $18.99
Skunk and Badger Skunk and Badger

written by Amy Timberlake
illustrated by Jon Klassen

October | Middle Grade

Price: $18.95
Thesaurus Has a Secret Thesaurus Has a Secret

by Anya Glazer

November | Picture Book

Price: $17.99
Closer to Nowhere Closer to Nowhere

written by Ellen Hopkins

November | Middle Grade

Price: $17.99
Cozy Cozy

by Jan Brett
December | Picture Book

Price: $18.99
The Beast and the Bethany The Beast and the Bethany

written by Jack Meggitt-Phillips, illustrated by Isabelle Follath

December | Middle Grade

Price: $17.99