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Black Cross Black Cross

by Greg Iles

FEC Pick January 1995

Price: $150.00
Cured By Fire Cured by Fire

by Tim McLaurin

FEC February 1995

Price: $40.00
Sunburn Sunburn

by Laurence Shames

FEC Pick March 1995

Price: $45.00
The Rainmaker The Rainmaker

by John Grisham

FEC Pick April 1995

Price: $110.00
Riding The Rap Riding the Rap

by Elmore Leonard

FEC Pick May 1995

Price: $35.00
Redeye Redeye

by Clyde Edgerton

FEC Pick June 1995

Price: $75.00
Beach Music Beach Music

by Pat Conroy

FEC Pick August 1995

Price: $100.00
Memnoch The Devil Memnoch The Devil

by Anne Rice

FEC Pick August 1995

Price: $100.00
Baby Cat-Face Barry Gifford Baby Cat-Face

by Barry Gifford

FEC Pick September 1995

Price: $45.00
Stormy Weather Carl Hiaasen Stormy Weather

by Carl Hiaasen

FEC Pick October 1995

Price: $40.00
The Mulching of America by Harry Crews The Mulching of America

by Harry Crews

FEC Pick November 1995

Price: $35.00
The Sharpshooter Blues The Sharpshooter Blues

by Lewis Nordan

FEC Pick December 1995

Price: $35.00