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Picturing The Wreck Picturing The Wreck

by Dani Shapiro

FEC Pick January 1996

Price: $35.00
Last Hotel for Women Last Hotel for Women

by Vicki Covington

FEC Pick February 1996

Price: $35.00
Atticus Atticus

by Ron Hansen

FEC Pick March 1996

Price: $45.00
Last Days of the Dog-Men by Brad Watson Last Days of the Dog-Men

by Brad Watson

FEC Pick April 1996

Price: $100.00
Sunset Express Sunset Express

by Robert Crais

FEC Pick May 1996

Price: $35.00
The Runaway Jury The Runaway Jury

by John Grisham

FEC Pick June 1996

Price: $225.00
Edisto Revisited Edisto Revisited

by Padgett Powell

FEC Pick July 1996

Price: $35.00
Servant of the Bones Servant of the Bones

by Anne Rice

FEC Pick August 1996

Price: $65.00
Burning Man Burning Man

by Phillip Margolin

FEC Pick September 1996

Price: $35.00
Father and Son Father and Son

by Larry Brown

FEC Pick October 1996

Price: $150.00
High Lonesome High Lonesome

by Barry Hannah

FEC Pick November 1996

Price: $75.00
Bordersnakes Bordersnakes

by James Crumley

FEC Pick November 1996

Price: $22.00
The Last Family The Last Family

by John Ramsey Miller

FEC Pick December 1996

Price: $35.00