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The Up-Down The Up-Down

by Barry Gifford

FEC Pick January 2015

Price: $23.95
The Big Seven The Big Seven - Signed First Edition

by Jim Harrison

FEC Pick February 2015

Price: $75.00
Soil Soil

by Jamie Kornegay

FEC Pick March 2015

Price: $26.00
My Sunshine Away My Sunshine Away

by M.O. Walsh

FEC Pick March 2015

Price: $50.00
The Bone Tree The Bone Tree

by Greg Iles

FEC Pick April 2015

Price: $27.99
Hausfrau Hausfrau

by Jill Alexander Essbaum

FEC Pick May 2015

Price: $26.00
A Slant of Light A Slant of Light

by Jeffrey Lent

FEC Pick June 2015

Price: $27.00
Armada Armada

by Ernest Cline

FEC Pick July 2015

Price: $26.00
The Scribe The Scribe

by Matthew Guinn

FEC Pick August 2015

Price: $25.95
Fates and Furies Lauren Groff Fates and Furies

by Lauren Groff

FEC Pick September 2015

Price: $40.00
City on Fire City on Fire

by Garth Risk Hallberg

FEC Pick October 2015

Price: $30.00
Rogue Lawyer Rogue Lawyer

by John Grisham

FEC Pick October 2015

Price: $28.95
A Free State A Free State

by Tom Piazza

FEC Pick November 2015

Price: $25.95
Devotion Adam Makos Devotion

by Adam Makos

FEC Pick December 2015

Price: $28.00